Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Letter to the Good

It's hard to be someone with good but silent intentions around people who judge only what the eyes can see and what the ears can hear.

Everyone expects everything to be laid in front of them. 
Every reason, every explanation that their little brains can't fathom.
It's so easy for everyone to assume the worst in people, and so hard for them to see the good. 
They see the explicit wrongs but are blind to the implicit goods.

It's hard to be someone who has a different way of doing things around people who succumb to conformity.

The same people who claim to have an open mind are also the first to judge whoever steps out of the box. 
They claim to believe things for the sake of looking good, not for the sake of doing nor being good.
What they cannot understand, what they aren't, they consider wrong.

It's hard to be someone who puts others first around people who exert no effort in fighting their selfish human nature.

People know no limits. 
They take and take, only looking if their buckets are full and not bothering to check  if the others' are empty.
The selfless serve themselves, the selfish are self-serving.

It's hard to be someone with a good heart when you know that not everyone has the same heart as you.

But despite the series of disappointments that other people bring you,
Choose to stay the same,
There's no such thing as destroying the likes of others, doing so would only mean joining them.

Always remember that it's good to be good. Not just because there aren't many of what you are, then you should change how you are. You get more in return when you don't expect it, and get less when you do. Do for others though they won't do for you. 

If you're one of the good, keep in mind the difference between what it feels like to get hurt, and what it feels like to be helped. Being good can cause a lot of pain. Anticipate it, but don't avoid feeling it. Feeling is a gift, a gateway to deeper understanding. You're far more appreciated than you think you are, even if sometimes it feels like whatever you do only goes unnoticed. 
Be strong.

"Strong people don't put others down. They lift them up."

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