Thursday, October 29, 2015

How Deep Do Your Thoughts Go?

A lot of people try to tell me that I have a certain way of seeing things- a certain way they’ve never found in anyone else. That I’m ‘deep’. 
Maybe it’s because of the pieces of advice I have to offer, the way I word my thoughts out. But when it’s 3 in the morning and I start to wonder about everything, I always find myself constantly wondering... how deep do your thoughts go? How deep does everyone’s thoughts go? 
How deep must one’s thoughts be in order for others to consider them a deep person? Is it ever really a matter of which thoughts are deeper?

Everyone has the tendency to think, or maybe even overthink. To ponder. To lie in bed late night and stare at the ceiling, wondering why they’re experiencing what they’re experiencing, when things will get better, or maybe what the purpose of their existence is. I’ve gotten used to absorbing people’s comments about the way I think, but I never considered myself special because of my thoughts. Everyone has a different mind. Everyone thinks differently.

I’ve come to a conclusion that people don’t go after how deep an idea is. People go for which angle it points at. There are a million or more angles that emerge from a single point. Each idea is on the same level, no high nor low, no elevation. People just like to find the perfect angle to get their minds going; to tickle their thoughts.

The perfect angle to satisfy their appetite, like eating the best slice of pizza out of the whole box.

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