Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Finite Infinity

If you try to think of life as a movie, a book, or a game, you are always the main character in it. Everything that happens in life is seen in your own perspective. It isn't an act of selfishness. You can think of the others and put yourself in their shoes all you want, but it won't change that fixed perspective because no matter what you try to do, you are you. You are the one thinking of others. You are the one putting yourself in the shoes of others. But you will never become who the others are. You will never become anyone else aside from yourself. Changing how you are and how you see things is different from changing who you are, because the former is doable and the latter is not. It is your life which you live. You are the center of your life, but you are not the center of life itself. 

There will be a lot of things for you to realize within the course of your existence. There have already been so many things which you've realized, and maybe you're not even on half of the life you're gonna live. You take a certain shape with a height and weight that's measurable, but your whole being will always remain immeasurable.

You are infinite. An infinity of combined aspects contained in a single body, with an infinity of thoughts contained in one small brain, with an infinity of emotions contained in a single heart, and with an infinity of possible experiences contained in one- and only one lifetime. There are thoughts you've had, and thoughts which you are just about to have, no matter how deep or shallow. You are capable of thinking about anything, and everything. You have felt a lot of things, feelings with different causes and different effects on your being, and you are bound to feel more. You have experienced what you have experienced, but your experiences are not limited to what you've already experienced. You are fated to experience so much more.  The possible combinations of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences are endless. They are limitless, because you. are. infinite.

And that's only you. I am another unique combination of infinities, and I am not you. Everyone you encounter as you walk on the streets is another unique combination of infinities, and these people are not you either. You never thought- and you will never be able to think of how infinite others may be, because we are not you. We are side characters in your story, like how you are a side character in ours.  But I tell you, we are infinite, too. The world is full of walking infinities made finite by the shape they're contained in. Infinities which your eyes are capable of seeing as a whole on the surface, but never right through.

We are finite infinities. 

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