Sunday, January 3, 2016

When Forgetting Is Good

They say it hurts when you try to forget, but why does it have to?
Couldn't it be something nice for once,
Getting rid of the memories of all you've gone through?

Oversized shirts, hoodies, handwritten letters, song compilations on mixtapes
Dried rose petals, chocolates, and little notes contained in boxes of all shapes

These are not one-time possessions, never to come back once thrown away
But treasures I'd happily re-treasure when they've failed to stay

And you're a fond memory that I'd choose to forget every now and then
For somehow, I secretly wish to unmeet you

Only to meet you again.

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  1. Intense poem! It's very touching and the last lines are powerful. Describes a lot of what you feel after going through a breakup really accurately.

    -Riley XO

    1. Hey Riley! Thanks for the feedback and for passing by. I'll be sure to check on yours :)