Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I liked claiming to be a person who has principles because that’s how I always saw myself as
I saw myself as a believer for I believed in a lot of things
I believed I was reasonable because like treasure hunters, I hunted for reasons
I reasoned out for people to see things the way I saw them, everything with a hint of positive point
I pointed, and pointed, and pointed out
And now it seems like I’ve ran out, and I don’t know what point the is anymore
And without any point, there appears to be no matter

I’ll keep claiming to have my principles
Because I believe I do
Because simply saying ‘because’ still proves I’m reasonable
And I guess what I’m trying to point out
Is that I just don’t know what’s the matter
But I know what matters to me

I wanna keep my principles, my reasons, my beliefs, and my points 
But somewhere before these lines
I've lost that certain feeling that explained to me 
Why I had things to believe in in the first place
And knowing your beliefs without that certain feeling?
Well, it’s hard
And I can’t keep encouraging you to believe in whatever I say in my posts
If even I myself am not encouraged

PS: Don't try to talk to me about this.

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