Monday, October 6, 2014


You are a part of this generation. 
Now is the time for you to experience everything you could ever experience.
The time is now.
You wake up with endless possibilites ahead of you. 
Now is the time for everything to be significant. 

You are a part of this generation.
And this generation is going to age. 
Then will be the time when you will realize what you've had and what you have left.
Then you'll wake up, but in the eyes of the people standing where you're standing now, all you will be is a person who has aged.
What has been significant for you won't be significant to them. 

You're just a part of this generation.
A lot of generations have passed, and a lot more are to come.
That will be the time when there will be no more time.
Because one day, you're gonna wake up dead.
Wait a little more, and you will lose your signifance.

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