Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's All In The Mind

When I seem like I don't care, people complain.
When I try to show I do, they either brush me off or act like it's not enough.

I can't read minds. 
I can feel, but that's not enough for me to know what you want.
Not enough for me to know how you want me to do it.

I literally don't know what I've done, or if there's even anything.
But here I am trying to fix something that might not even exist.

Here I am with my own set of problems.
Yet here I am, solving you.

I'm not complaining,
I'm not getting tired.

I'm simply wondering,
What's going on in your mind?
What thoughts do you choose to hide?
Is there a way to fix this, or is it a waste of time?

You will never feel anything if you refuse to feel.
You will never have anything if you don't try to recognize its existence.

You will always be alone if you tend to think there's no one beside you.
Nobody will try if you think they're not trying.
Like how you'll keep starving if you refuse to swallow.
Nobody can try hard enough to be around.

You know why?

Because they already are. 
But your mind thinks otherwise,
And nobody can fight what you want to register in your mind.

Maybe the problem is not the people around you.
Maybe it's yourself.

Maybe if you change the way you think,
Then everything will change.

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