Saturday, April 13, 2013

Strangers By Your Side

I just realized I actually don't know much about the people I thought I knew the most. And they certainly don't know much about me. Then I suddenly thought of why. Some of the people who've known me for years don't really know who I am today. Maybe because I was different from who I was when they knew me, and they didn't stick around to see whatever it is that's changed. They failed to see what has developed, and chose to have a fixed impression. In their eyes, I'm still the girl who isn't much, and I'll always just be that girl. It's good to have people who know your past, where and what you've been to. But I'd rather have people who see me for who I am today, and would find their own way to know what I've gone through to know me better. It's just so hard to be what I no longer am. It's so hard to introduce the new me to the eyes that see I haven't grown.

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